Where We’ve Shipped.

When most people think about heavy equipment, such as tractors, dozers, or loaders, they picture them hard at work, on the job. They do not picture, or consider, getting the pieces of machinery from one job to another, or the logistical magic involved in such an endeavor. Sure, drivers, on the freeway, occasionally see some heavy equipment on the flat-bed of a long-haul truck, but what happens when the destination is overseas?

This is a part of the magic show that Dogface Equipment is well versed in. Whether it is exotic or common, distant or local, Dogface Equipment has shipped heavy equipment there. If it is an overseas shipping job, Dogface will find the solution for you.

There are a few different options for shipping overseas. We have shipped heavy equipment to South American countries, such as Colombia, and locations as far as China and Pakistan.

A Few Shipping Options:

Roll on and Roll off method: essentially, with this method, the equipment is driven onto the ship and secured for transport. Then subsequently driven off the boat at its destination and ground transport arranged.

Out of Gauge: using a flat rack container to load the equipment. Finding the right flat rack, that is sound for usage, is imperative the safe transport of any machinery. Flat rack containers must also be appropriately sized. This can surprisingly enough be one of the most complicated methods of shipping heavy machinery.

Containerization: Many times transport, of over long distances, will require the equipment to be containerized. In other words, partially dismantling the equipment so that it can fit inside of a shipping container to be loaded on the boat.

Containerizing heavy equipment is no small task. The logistical coordination required to ship an 80-ton dozer, from one continent to another, is extensive in the first place. But to dismantle the dozer, carefully place the parts inside a shipping container, and secure them, and then coordinate receipt and putting the equipment back together at the destination, is a project of a whole different level.

Dogface Equipment is proud of our excellent reputation for finding the right shipping solution for you, and executing it.

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