Terms and Conditions

This equipment is sold in as-is condition. No warranty is expressed or implied as to the condition, safety or operation of this or any used equipment. This representation is for Dogface Equipment Sales information only and does not guarantee the accuracy of this equipment. We strongly recommend that you satisfy yourself as to the condition of this equipment by inspecting the machine(s) yourself or hiring a third party to provide you with a condition/inspection report. Operation, Parts and Service manuals are not included unless specified. If your payment fails, any dispute arises out of your purchase of equipment, or your account becomes past due, Dogface equipment Sales may take steps to collect past due accounts using other collection mechanisms or protect its rights. You agree to pay all expenses associated with such collection or disputes, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. Interest will accrue on any past due amounts at the rate of the lesser of 1% per month or a lawful maximum.

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