Used Excavators

Looking to start or upgrade your company’s fleet of excavators? While some business owners assume that buying new is the only way to ensure quality and safety, buying used is actually the most effective way to start or upgrade your fleet. There are many great, used options available that offer a wider range of prices and models. However, as with buying any equipment, it is important that you carefully inspect each used excavator you’re considering for its quality and dependability. To give you a better idea of what you should be looking for during your inspection, we’ve provided a list of the top five details to check for. Take the list below with you during your used excavator shopping to find a great piece of equipment that will provide optimal performance and value.

    1. Play or Movement

      Damaged slew rings are one of the most costly items to replace on a used hydraulic excavator. To avoid unexpected repair costs after purchase, check for any play or movement in the slew ring of each excavator by rotating the hydraulic excavator housing to a quarter turn.


    1. Cracks, Bends and Dents

      Exterior damage may indicate damage to the overall structural integrity. Carefully inspect the entire machine for cracks, bends and dents. Make sure to inspect key connection point welds and the undercarriage as well.


    1. Leaks

      To effectively inspect for leaks, open the hydraulic compartment and look for any and all signs of leakage. Be sure to check all hoses, lines and cylinders. You will also want to check for leaks in the slew ring or slew bearing as these could indicate excessive play or movement.


    1. Inaccurate/Broken Hours Meter

      If the hours meter is not operating correctly, it is important that you check the control pedals for wear. Wear on the control pedals could indicate that the excavator has had more operating hours than noted.


  1. Scalloping

    Check for half-moon shapes (scallops) between the excavator bucket teeth. These could indicate reduced cutting force.

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