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Impact Crushers

Impact crushers play an important role on the job site, as it is their job to reduce the size of things like rock, waste and concrete to facilitate construction and removal. The process consists of an operator feeding chunks of material into the machine’s hopper that then crushes them, turning the pieces into small chunks of a more consistent size. Once the materials have been run through one crusher, they can also be run through another to make them smaller if the job calls for smaller chunks. Impact crushers can be found in a number of makes and models to accommodate a wide variety of job sites and applications.


Two of the main uses for impact crushers include the processing of raw materials and the preparation of materials for recycling. To give you a better idea of how impact crushers are used during these processes, we’ve provided short descriptions below:

  • Raw Material Processing Impact crushers can be used to process raw materials like those found in mining. Impact crushers make smaller pieces more compact and therefore easier and more efficient to transport. Crushing the materials can also make them easier to separate by type to find useful materials and discard the rest.
  • Recycling Preparation Another important use for impact crushers is the preparation of materials for recycling. Previously used materials, like concrete, rocks or gravel, can be run through the impact crusher to produce a compact series of chunks that are ready to use in recycled aggregate.

Purchasing an Impact Crusher

When buying an impact crusher for your business, it is always smart to check out your used options first. This is because there are many great used options available that offer more for your money. As with any new or used equipment purchase, it is important that you inspect each impact crusher before purchase to ensure its quality and dependability. For more information on used impact crushers and their pricing, please feel free to contact Dogface Equipment at 866-908-5900.

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