The success of companies and organizations big and small is a determining factor in the success of our nation as a whole. While the corporate culture in the U.S. is extremely diverse, a large portion of today’s businesses rely on quality heavy equipment to safely and effectively complete their day-to-day activities. To give you a better idea of how heavy machinery is used to power some of the nation’s largest industries, we’ve provided the list of industries and their uses for heavy machinery below.

Oil and Gas and Mining

The oil and gas and mining industries allow us to locate and utilize our nation’s valuable natural resources. Heavy equipment used in these industries consists mainly of machinery for earthmoving purposes. Oil and gas and mining companies benefit greatly from advances in heavy machinery engineering as this equipment allows them to drill and mine in a safer and more efficient manner.

Public Works

This industry provides the public structures we rely on daily. Its activities produce bridges, roads, municipal buildings, dams, railroads, schools, hospitals and other government-funded assets and facilities. The heavy equipment used here includes all forms of earthmoving equipment, road paving equipment, trenching and excavating equipment and hoisting equipment.


Manufacturing is one of the largest industries in the U.S. Its processes transform raw goods into the finished goods our society uses to maintain our way of living. The manufacturing industry relies heavily on various hoisting equipment to perform necessary in-plant tasks.


Our military protects and serves our country in various ways. Its work requires the use of a wide variety of heavy equipment, crossing over various equipment categories to build important structures for military communities.


Agriculture has played an important role in the growth of our nation since its inception. With the industry’s evolution has come the need for more efficient methods and techniques. Heavy equipment provides the tools necessary for today’s farmers to produce necessary goods more quickly and easily.

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