Since the 1920s, the fork lift has been making our lives easier. Whether it's been used by a huge manufacturing company or a small warehouse room, the fork lift has become one piece of machinery none of us can do without.That's where we come in.We at Dog Face Equipment sell used fork lifts as a portion of the original cost. Instead of buying a new shiny fork lift at double the price, our customers browse the wide selection of used fork lifts we carry here at Dog Face Equipment. It saves time, money, and often ends up providing a better piece of machinery.Browse our selection of used fork lifts for sale. We've got quite a variety of fork lifts from different manufacturers. Each fork lift has a different design, a different size, different features, and runs at a different price. With all that to choose from, it's important to find a used fork lift that best suits you and the job you're going to use it for. And with top manufacturers like Toyota, Raymond, Kalmar, Caterpillar, Lull, and Skytrak, you almost can't go wrong.As you can see, fork lifts are one of our most popular piece of machinery, and therefore they get picked over quickly. A lot of our bigger used fork lifts, like the Toyota 5,000 pound lift and the Kalmar P155 15,000 pound lift flew off of our site. We expect the same from some of our more recent models, like the Skytrak 10054 and the Raymond Order Picker Electric. Be sure to make an offer before we sell the fork lift you've got your eye on!

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Hyster 2011 5,000 POUND FORKLIFTS

Regular Price: $13,829
Sale Price: $12,829


Regular Price: $1,000
Sale Price: $800