Excavators. Also known as the king of the construction world.

If you work on an excavator, you know you've got a lot of equipment in your control. Think about the boom, the stick, the bucket, the cab, the house, the undercarriage, the winches, the steel ropes... I could go on. Sitting on top of all those pieces of heavy construction equipment, you might just feel like a king, too.

So when you're buying an excavator, isn't it important to find one with the most reliable power you can find? Not one that can do fancy tricks, but one that has been proven reliable time and again.You need an excavator that was built tough, back when excavators were built right.

Dog Face Equipment has backhoes, excavators, hammers, Hopac, mini excavators, and trenches in its line of construction goods. A proud distributer of Caterpillar Excavators, Hitachi Excavators, and Kobelco Excavators, Dog Face Equipment has long been on the map for selling quality used excavators. Our reputation is also top notch when it comes to John Deere Excavators and Komatsu Excavators.

Whether you're looking for a '99 Kobelco SK210, or a '08 Dawooe 225LC, we're ready with the used excavator you have in mind. Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll hook you up with the excavator that best suits the work you do.

To learn more about any specific used excavator you see for sale here, contact us. We're available by phone at (801) 908-5900, or toll free at (866) 908-5900. We'd love to talk excavators with you: it's what we do.

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