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Why spend tens of thousands on brand new walk behind rollers when you can purchase a used roller-compactor that is just as powerful? Some companies want new equipment just to show off. Instead of finding the most powerful walk behind roller, they want the shiniest. If that's what you've got in mind, Dog Face Equipment is not for you. If you're looking to truly crush some gravel, concrete, soil, or asphalt at a quick pace, this is where you belong. Dog Face Equipment has used walk behind rollers with the same command as that newly painted (and possibly defective) one on our competitors' sites.

Dog Face Equipment specializes in Bomag, Kent, and Wacker walk behind rollers. Not what you were looking for? If you've got another brand in mind, give us a call. We're always available to find exactly what you require. We're experts at locating quality machinery.

Our walk behind rollers run just as great at a lesser price. Consider our 2002 Wacker RT-820 Walkbehind Roller. This Sheepsfoote 33 ½ Walkbehind has a reputation of demolishing any material that gets in its way. Isn't it smarter to purchase a tried and true beast of a roller-compactor, instead of paying thousands more for one that could turn out to be a lemon?

If your company requires you to use a roller-compactor, give Dog Face Equipment a call at (866) 908-5900 or (801) 908-5900. With several walk behind rollers for sale today and more coming at a regular pace, we've got you covered.

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