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We've all been in those situations where a jackhammer just won't cut it. It's time for your demolition crew to break some concrete, but the job is just too large for a jackhammer. Blasting might work, but the location won't allow it. Perhaps you're too close to an important building, or a day care full of babies.

Using a concrete breaker on your excavator is the next best option. Whether your breaker is new or used, it's going to get the job done just the same. All you need is a hydraulic hammer that's going to really get through that concrete.It doesn't have to be shiny and new; it just has to do its job.

Dog Face Equipment has hydraulic hammers and rock breakers for sale. All of our equipment is used, but not old. We personally testify that everything sold is as effective as the breaker you'd buy brand new.

Currently, we have an Allied 5,000-, a Cat 7500-, a Stanley MB5060 700-, and a Stanley MB5EX 5000-foot pound hammer. Each hydraulic hammer is a specific size and weight, and Dog Face Equipment ensures that all information is available to you before purchase. Some concrete breakers, like the Stanley MB5060, have been used only once or twice. That means you're getting an almost brand new hydraulic hammer for a fraction of the price.

For more information about one of our rock breakers, call us today. If you'd prefer to see one in person, stop by! Our equipment yard is located at 2153 Warm Springs Road.

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